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Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control Exam Tutorial
This program does not contain questions which are guaranteed to be on the exam, but all the practice questions are derived directly from the reference materials.

A hard copy of the Ornamental & Turfgrass Manual and the Florida Lawn Handbook, can be obtained from the Entomology Department at the University of Florida.

This program may be used by multiple individuals within a single company and the passing rate has been very high, if the User follows our instructions.

Should Chapter 482fs or FDACS Rules 5e14 be changed, and updated version will be made available at a discounted price for previous purchasers
The Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control Exam Tutorial was developed in conjunction with the University of Florida and all the reference materials recommended by FDACS. It contains:

  1. The Best Management Practices Manual with each separated, highlighted, and with practice questions.
  2. Copies of Chapter 482fs and FDACS Rules 5e14, with practice questions for both.
  3. The complete CORE Manual, presented in individual chapters and including practice test questions
  4. There are special identification programs with photos of pests and including practice identification test questions.
  5. There are five (5) 200 question practice exams, with questions randomly selected from the 5,000 question data base.
  6. There is a complete section on "How to take an exam", for individuals who have not taken an exam for several years.

The cost for the lawn and Ornamental Pest Control Exam Tutorial is $214, including the CD, shipping/handling,and sales tax.
This tutorial does not contain the electronic version of the Florida Lawn Handbook or Ornamental and Turfgrass Management.