FL Complete Educational Package
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The FL Complete Educational Package has been developed to provide 2-10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Certified Pest Control Operator, Special ID, and Limited Certification recertification in compliance with FDACS regulations. The Client may receive two (2) CEUs in each of the categories of CORE, GHP, Termite & WDO, L&O, or Fumigation by:

  1. Viewing the category presentation
  2. Obtaining a score of 75% or higher on the posttest
  3. Submitting proof of the test results by email to CFD

The cost is $160.50 and includes the FL CEP DVD, shipping/handling, one (1) set of two (2) original recertification reports,
form DACS-13325; programs for Technician CEUs and DACS 13662; and practice exam programs to help prepare for the State Certification Exams.

If the Client has more than one certified applicator, the cost for additional recertifications is $15.00 per set of forms 13325, irregardless of the number of CEUs included.
This DVD also contains numerous programs used for prior recertification programs and is an excellent training tool.

The programs may also be used to comply with the FDACS requirements for Technician CEUs and form 13662 is included.

Updates will be automatically provided annually, in November, and the Client must renew the subscription prior to receiving updated recertification certificates.