AL Complete Educational Package
The AL Complete Educational Package has been developed to provide 10 points for Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry Pest Control related recertification. The Client may get 10 points electronically once in each three year renewal period.

  1. The Client must complete the CORE program and ALL programs pertaining to the categories in which he/is certified
  2. The Client must provide his/her name and certificate number on the posttest
  3. The Client must have a score of 70% or higher on the posttest to receive credit
  4. The ADAI report form will be emailed to both the ADAI and the Client upon successful completion

The cost is $135 and includes an AL CEP DVD, shipping/handling and one (1) recertification report

If the Client has more than one certified applicator, the cost for additional recertifications is $25.00 per applicator
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This DVD also contains numerous programs used for prior recertification programs and is an excellent training tool.

Updates will be automatically provided annually, and the Client has the option to renewing the subscription or returning the updated DVD for account adjustment