CFD provides hands-on Business Plan Development, Personnel Management Program Support, and Sales and Marketing Program Development for Pest Control and Lawn Care Companies.

Business Plan Development is a process whereby CFD assists the subscriber in developing a Marketing, Personnel, Financial, and Equipment and Facilities Plan, which is merged into a Strategic Plan with 1, 2 and 5 year growth and financial projections. This program requires on-site visitations; Client input on specific timetables; and the development of a strategy for organized growth and development of the overall company.

Personnel Management Program Support involves the development of a customized Personnel Policy Manual, designed to meet the specific needs of the Client, and the process develops an electronic manual which can be easily altered to keep up with the changes in the business climate, labor relations, and managerial trends.

Sales and Marketing Program Development involves CFD working with the Client to learn, understand, and implement the thirty-two principles of marketing and sales developed by John Patterson of NCR. This is not a "how to sell program" but rather a program to give the Client a full and complete understanding of the principles and practices of some of the most effective marketers and salespersons in history. It is not how they did what they did but why they did what they did.

All of these programs are customized to meet the needs of the Client and pricing is based on projected time involvement with CFD and the Client. Firm quotes are provided upon conclusion of the initial interview process.
Business Consulting
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To set an appointment for an interview, contact CFD at:

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